Times, they are a’ changin’

Today is an odd day at Le Maine Meunier Farm, apart from five pre ordered lambs we have no animals on the farm. Well, a few geese, ducks and chickens, but our pigs, Paddy and Maeve and her nine piglets have gone, as have the entire flock of Ewes, lambs and Rams. We are retiring at the end of the year, so have been delighted that Franklins Farm have taken our stock to continue those particular bloodlines. Franklins Farm produce fabulous lamb and pork products, and are conscientious, environmentally sound, enthusiastic farmers that we are delighted to promote, they work incredibly hard and are worthy of all our support. I shall certainly be buying from them eventually.

Meanwhile the farm is oddly quiet, one cannot rear a range of animals, selectively breed strong meat producing animals in good conditions without some emotional attachment. Naming your breeding stock involves a gentle sort of care, actually, some humour too. One of our Ewes is named after one of Mike’s long gone Welsh Aunts, Rowena, long in the nose and very noisy, another was first in the bucket, loud and very bossy…I won’t tell you whom she was named after. Then I had Pantoufle, Souffle and Girofle, who have produced many good lambs, Dorothy who was bottle reared, Doniniqua whom my daughter named as a stroppy teenager and so it goes on, Mike is missing the pigs, I’m missing the sheep, but, hey! We are retiring and decisions have to be made. Despite our youthful appearance ( should have gone to specsave!) we are collecting our pensions and grandchildren are arriving, and parents are requiring care, so we will open a few more times for Sunday Lunch and various special events. Watch this space.

We are open this Sunday 19 August for lunch and our menu is:-

Beignet des Legumes/Tempura Fried Vegetables served with Lemon and Sea Salt

Pot Roasted Shoulder of Lamb with Cranberries and Shallots
Rabbit with Mustard and Tarragon in a white wine and cream Sauce with Buttered Noodles
Chermoula Aubergine with Bulgar Wheat Salad.

Yoghourt Gateau with Pistachio, lemon and Cardamom
Pavlova Meringues with Chantilly Cream and Fresh Summer Fruits

27€ per person, 10€ per child. Wine, red, white or rosé, 15€ a bottle

For reservations please call us on 05 45 25 55 28. Mob – 06 31 36 14 44
Or email us at – lemainemeunier@icloud.com

For Map and further information please visit us at www.lemainemeunier.com
Mike and I look forward to welcoming you.
Siret No. 504 687 419 00011
APE. 0150Z

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