Heat, trees, Shade and Dan Jones plays Sunday 5 August

As temperatures rise the countryside falls silent, apart from the cockerels who are still carrying out vocal battles for supremacy. Animals and humans seek the shade, and even the plants do better when provided with shade at some time of the day. The agroforestry idea that is gaining popularity across France is not a new idea, it’s ancient. Planting trees around the edge of a crop, at least ten metres apart, anchors soils, improves biodiversity, which means insects that will control other insect pests, and provides wood for the future. If you stand under the shade of a tree the temperature drops a few degrees and humidity is higher, better than the shade provided by a building…..having said that, we’ve opened the barn for the sheep to come into during the middle of the day, and they do, but the dominant sheep still hog the shade under the two trees in the paddock and Beau, our black dog lays on the tiles in the downstairs loo, whilst Swampy lies under the shade of the trees in the garden, each to their own I guess. Keep cool wherever you are.

Dan Jones and L ‘Ensemble Arisan are playing here at Le Maine Meunier Ferme Auberge on Sunday 5 August over a long and lazy lunch. The music is a varied selection of classical, folk and French and will be played between courses. The menu may be :-
Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable and Ricotta Tart and Salad

Salt-baked Leg of Lamb with Salsa Verdi or, if numbers are sufficient, we may do a lamb roasted on the tournebroche spit……
Chicken Breasts and Sun dried Tomatoes with Tarragon and Paprika Sauce
Courgette and Herb Filo Pie with Feta

Brown Sugar Pavlova with Roasted Peaches, Raspberries and Greek Yoghourt Chantilly
Blackcurrant Cream Sorbet with Lavender Shortbread

27€ per person 10 € children under 10 years.
For reservations contact us on 05 45 25 55 28 or email us at lemainemeunier@icloud.com

We are open this Sunday 29 July for Lunch and the menu is:-

Tomato, Dijon Mustard and Goats Cheese Tart with Salad

Mediterranean Chicken in a Pesto Sauce with Olives, Mozzarella and Bulgur Wheat
Roast Gascony Noir Loin of Pork stuffed with Cognac infused Prunes
Avocado, Roast Red Onions, Chickpea and Feta Bowl

Chocolate and Raspberry Gateau with Raspberry Coulis and Cream
Pavlova Meringues with Chantilly Cream and Fresh Raspberries

25€ per person, 10€ per child. Wine, red, white or rosé, 15€ a bottle

For reservations please call us on 05 45 25 55 28. Mob – 06 31 36 14 44
Or email us at – lemainemeunier@icloud.com

For Map and further information please visit us at www.lemainemeunier.com
Mike and I look forward to welcoming you.
Siret No. 504 687 419 00011
APE. 0150Z

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