Dan Jones and L’ Ensemble Arisan play a Lazy Sunday

Dan Jones and L’ Ensemble Arisan are once again coming to perform over a long, lazy Sunday Lunch and Afternoon on Sunday 5th August at Le Maine Meunier Ferme Auberge in Chavenat. We will be serving a delicious three course meal and you are welcome to stay all afternoon. If the weather isn’t too hot they may well play outside and you may like to eat your lunch under the shade of the trees, or, of course, in the cool of the Auberge Barn. For reservations, at 27€ per person, 10€ per child under ten years, please call us on 05 45 25 55 28 or email us at lemainemeunier@icloud.com.

Life on the farm is slow and gentle, the animals eat and then doze in the heat of the day, before the village clock strikes noon, they have found a shady nook to while away the hot hours. The cocks always like to crow just as I’m also dozing in the hammock, darn them. Then as the afternoon wanes, the pigs wander out and flop into the mud pool, piglets around the edge like some bizarre medieval feast platter and the sheep begin to eat the grass where the tree shadows fall. The ducks have a wash and brush up and the chickens dust bathe, and we begin to weed and water and harvest the garden, again hugging the shade….summer, don’t you just love it!

We are open this Sunday 22 July for Lunch and will be serving:-

Ricotta and Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Tart with Garden Salad

Roast Gascony Noir Pork with Fennel and Rosemary
Served with Balsamic baked Shallots and Potatoes and garden vegetables
Roast Chicken with Chorizo butter stuffing
Served with Baked baby Peppers and Potatoes and garden vegetables
Roasted Red Onion, Quinoa and Chickpea Salad with toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Brown sugar Pavlova with Roasted Apricots and Peaches and Vanilla Greek Yoghourt
Blackcurrant Cream Sorbet with Lavender Shortbread

25€ per person, 10€ per child. Wine, red, white or rosé, 15€ a bottle

For reservations please call us on 05 45 25 55 28. Mob – 06 31 36 14 44
Or email us at – lemainemeunier@icloud.com

For Map and further information please visit us at www.lemainemeunier.com
Mike and I look forward to welcoming you.
Siret No. 504 687 419 00011
APE. 0150Z

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