Autumn Mushrooms

As Autumn progresses there are free gifts if you know where to look, I am, of course, talking mushrooms. So far this year I have collected the glorious cep, the penny bun and the slippery Jack, the shaggy ink cap, and parasol, the Caesare or Orange,and the giant puffball but I have never found the Chanterelle, I know they are about as an elderly neighbour regularly finds them in my woods but he won’t divulge his secret successful places so I will have to keep searching. I’ve been collecting now for over twenty years, I err on the side of caution and always get rid of any I am unsure of.

We are hosting a Honey Festival on Thursday 26 October from 2-5 pm

There will be experienced beekeepers that you can put your questions to, a display of different local honeys to taste and plenty to buy. There will be a demonstration of honey harvesting and an explanation of different hives and bee keeping equipment. Perhaps also a chance to sign up to a beekeeping course for next year.

It is a friendly afternoon of people interested in bees, what bees do, how bees’ lives interact with ours and everyone is welcome.
There will be tea/coffee and cake served.

We are open on Sunday 15 October for lunch and our menu is:-

Tian de legumes Mediterranean with Salad

Gascony Noir Pulled Pork with Pomegranate salad and syrup dipping sauce.
Honey Roasted Lemon Rabbit
Both served with Roasted Potatoes and Peppers and Seasonal Greens

Apple and Quince Crumble with Creme Anglaise
Meringue Pavlova with Chantilly Cream and Red Berry Coulis

€25.00 per person €10.00 per child under 10 years

For reservations please call us on 05 45 25 55 28. Mob – 06 31 36 14 44
Or email us at –
For Map and further information please visit us at

Mike and I look forward to welcoming you.

Siret No. 504 687 419 00011
APE. 0150Z

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